Technology should be simple.

Welcome to Kiomega. We believe that clever design and a focus on simplicity is the way forward for technology.

While we're not known for one thing in particular, we create clever solutions to problems that currently have clumsy solutions.

We are motivated by creating products that people love to use. Instead of technology getting in the way, we want it to assist the needs of people, without being a burden.

To learn more, contact us either by email or phone.

Our Brands


Assist provides home and small business IT support and solutions. Based on simplicity and old-fashioned service, we believe in helping home and small business customers, no matter what the situation.


ShopAssist is a kiosk platform that allows major retail outlets such as supermarkets, grocery stores and hardware stores to help customers find what they're looking for easier. Instead of asking a staff member where certain products are, customers can search for what they're looking for on kiosks placed around the store, and get the exact location of the product.